Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

Spaceschneider & Mniei - in elektroFlechtung (Lee 'Scratch' Perry Tribute)

26.06.2016 @ Schneiderstube | Music for small crowds, spaceschneider & Mniei debut mixing / Artwork-sculpture carved from styropor and colored with Edding 3000 session-alongside by elektroFlechte (in Set-time, out of Sound somehow...)

Danaga - Paparuda, the Shaman and the Artist (feat. Surorile Osoianu & Terence Mckenna) [transcription spaceschneider]

I'm sure that you couldn't carry out a discussion
of this sort without observing that the prototypic figure for the artist,
as well as for the scientist,
is the shaman.
The shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history
that unites the doctor, the scientist
and the artist
into a single notion of care-giving and creativity
and I think know.. to whatever degree
art over the past several centuries has wandered in a desert
it is because this shamanic function has been either surpressed or forgotten
and we've..
different images of the artist has been held up
at different times .. a
the artist as a.. artist of sound..
the artist as a.. handmaiden of a ruling class of family..
the artist as.. designer..
for the production of integrated objects into a civilisation
this notion of the artist as mystical journier
as one who goes into a world unseen by others
and then returns to tell them of it..
was pretty much lost... - t. mckenna

i transcripted this using no tools or any software - not saying this would be bad - just by repeatedly listening to it till i got it...

Dephinite - Deap Blue Arabica

all music arranged, composed & produced by Dephinite | 2017 rogalist records

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017

Hörempfehlung: Singular noice dance by Pablo Foschi

This is the extract of live set. 118Bpm

Independent musik

about the artist:

"Pablo Foschi is a Chilean multi-instrumentalist musician settled in Europe for 15 years and has been developing his sound in which he mixes similar instruments with organic elements and electronic experimentation. Listening to their music, it is common to find field recordings, bird sounds and wild noises, which give the feeling of traveling somewhere in the world. The guitars and synthesizers that create the harmonic environment are always of a deep emotional and the rhythmic patterns in which it flows let reveal their Latin American influences. In Liveset, Pablo is presented in one-man-band format, playing his guitar and Synthesizers well as, drum machines and various effects whit computer."

Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

Listening recommendation: MIDIval tourist by planet b (album)

planet b explores his European roots with this full-length release.

released December 11, 2015

Mastering by Mike Phillips. Artwork by Marzattaxx.

"MIDIval tourist" artwork by Marzattaxx (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)