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Please only donate what you can afford + give away without the necessary expectation of something specific. We run this blog in our spare time, subsizing timewise content to needs and limits. All donations would run into equipement circling around our doings in recording/producing electronic music, the rogalist podcast, maybe later on better video(recording) equipment with then also again focused attention on our YouTube-Channel and so on.

This might seem as a quite too standard statement to imagine any necessation of support & that is ok, as we don't want to promise anything we can't hold in the end.

What we can say and what stays is @rogalistblog is independent & free of any ads!

If you like a posting or either part of our stuff, feel free to share - this is support more than enough.

team at rog (site-mail: the.rogalist@gmail.com) / rogalist records (independent record label/sp) / domain-hosts (webmasters of equal rights) and producers of electronic music: dephinite (deph@the-rogalist.com) & spaceschneider (bloggeradmin@the-rogalist.com)

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